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Are you looking for a centre authorised to offer Sherwood Repairs Newcastle service? You’ve come to the right place. Audio Intelligence will bring your broken Sherwood audio or speaker unit to life! Contact us today to learn more about our Sherwood Repair Services in Newcastle.

Sherwood: Pioneering the Hi-Fi

Sherwood was founded in 1953 by Ed Miller and John Snow with the vision to design and manufacture high performance audio gear for the masses.

Sherwood is a pioneering company in the audio industry. Sherwood’s technology was used in the world’s first commercial FM stereo broadcast. They were the first to introduce computer-controlled tuners and digital readout tuners. Most importantly, Sherwood produced the world’s first 100% all-silicon solid-state audio receiver.

Sherwood’s name is synonymous to high performance audio equipment. With over six decades of experience in the industry, Sherwood has garnered countless awards in recognition of its valuable contributions and innovations.

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Sherwood Fun Facts

  • Sherwood was named after the Sherwood Forest, the home of the legendary Robin Hood and Woody. Sherwood is a Royal Forest in Nottinghamshire, England.
  • Sherwood has a CD player, Network AV Receiver and Stereo Receiver that carries the Newcastle badge.

Sherwood Repairs Newcastle Service

Ed Miller’s guiding philosophy when he founded Sherwood was: Design audio gear that offers only the highest levels of performance. And Sherwood never failed to achieve that.

But what if that high level performance drops down due to wear and tear, accident or misuse? Audio Intelligence is here to the rescue. As an authorised Sherwood Repair Newcastle service, you are assured that we will only use the right parts to bring your Sherwood equipment back to its peak performance.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t delay any much needed repairs! Contact us today to learn more about our Sherwood Repair Service in Newcastle.

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