PSB Speakers Repair Newcastle

Do you own a PSB speaker that need some repairs? Audio Intelligence is authorised by PSB Speakers to offer PSB Speakers Repair Newcastle service. Contact us today!

PSB Speakers: Real Sound for Real People

PSB Speakers is a Canadian loudspeaker company founded by Paul Barton in 1972. It was named after Paul and his wife Sue. Currently, PSB Speakers is part of the Lenbrook Group and is headquartered in Pickering, Ontario.

For decades, PSB Speakers has worked with the National Research Council of Canada to develop their products and produce that perfect, balanced music. PSB Speakers’ cabinets rich but natural character is renowned throughout the globe.

PSB Loudspeakers

PSB loudspeakers stand out in terms of quality and design. Taking that hard-won knowledge in producing rich and balanced music, PSB was able to manufacture a range of affordable, and beautifully curved cabinets of amazing sound quality.

PSB Headphones

Bringing their expertise in loudspeaker cabinets to headphones, PSB Speakers give your music a more personal touch. Thanks to PSBs true to nature sound quality.

psb speakers
psb speakers

PSB Speakers Repair Newcastle

Are you looking for a PSB Speakers Repair Service in Newcastle? You’ve come to the right place. As an authorised PSB Speakers service centre, you are assured that Audio Intelligence will only use the right parts to bring your PSB speaker back to its optimum condition. We don’t settle for less.

So what are you waiting for?

Don’t delay. Delaying any repairs puts your PSB Speakers at risk for further damage. Contact us today to know more about our PSB Speakers Repair Newcastle service.

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