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More than Just a Light Bulb

Philips is well-known for their light bulbs. In fact, it’s the company’s flagship product when it was established by Frederik Philips in 1891. Philips began by making carbon-filament lamps and quickly became one of the largest producers in Europe. The company’s initial goal was to provide everyone with cost-effective, reliable incandescent light bulbs.

In 1927, Philips began producing its first radios, selling one million units within five years! The company rolled out its first television set in 1938 and then the first-of-its-kind electric shaver in 1939. Technological breakthroughs allowed Philips to evolve from a mere light-bulb manufacturing company to one of the world’s well-known brands.

Today Philips has an established presence in various niches — sound and TVs, personal care, and even mother and child care. The company is also one of the leaders in household appliances, lighting, health, automotive and information technology. Philips, today, is more than just a light bulb.

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Philips Repair Services in Newcastle

Without a doubt, Philips is one of the most innovative brands of the century. However, this doesn’t exempt their products from damages due to wear and tear, misuse or accidents. If you have a Philips product that needs servicing, Audio Intelligence offers Philips Repair Newcastle service.

Avoid delays. Choosing to delay any repairs will put your appliance at risk for further damage —which will be costly on your part. Worse, you may even end up buying a new one if the damaged unit can no longer be saved. Audio Intelligence is a Philips authorised service provider.

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