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NAD Electronics

NAD electronics is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of masters, amplifiers, home theatre systems, headphones, DACS, CD and digital music players, and many more.

NAD electronics was established in 1972 when a large group of audio importers in Europe teamed up to develop products that offer excellent sound quality and great value. It was a formidable dream, at that time, because the audio industry in Europe was dominated by electronic giants. Having carved a place of their own, NAD electronics is now an international company offering high quality audio equipment to their customers at a fair price.

NAD Electronics in Australia

NAD Electronics in Australia is exclusively managed by Convoy International. Established in 1965, Convoy International is one of the leading consumer electronics company in the country specialising in lifestyle audio brands, high value retail and unique customer experiences.

nad electronics

NAD Product Lines

Master Series– NAD’s Master Series was created to prove that excellent design, modern technology and hi-fi audio can be affordable for the masses. Many of NAD’s new technology innovations are first introduced in this flagship series.

Classic Series– The Classic Series boast a minimalist design. Everything required for great sound is included, but NAD leave off the superfluous features that add unnecessary cost and complexity—leaving only what matters most, the music.

VISO Series – The NAD VISO line consists of products from headphones to all-in-one music systems, offering the performance and styling to experience true-to-source audio – at home or on the go.


NAD Repair Newcastle Services

NAD electronics offer high quality audio at a great price. Their products are made from high quality materials and are checked thoroughly before hitting the shelves. This doesn’t mean that they don’t break though.

Wear and tear, misuse, or accidents can cause your NAD product to break or malfunction. If this is the case, then you will need an authorised NAD Repair Newcastle service to do the repairs for you.

Audio Intelligence offers NAD Repair Service in Newcastle. Make your NAD product sound great again! Contact us today.

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