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Do you own an HK Audio speaker? Does it need some repairs? Let us help you. Audio Intelligence is an authorised centre offering prompt HK Audio Repair Newcastle services. Get in touch with us today and let us know how we can help.

HK Audio: The Soundmakers

Company founders (and brothers) Hans and Lothar Stamer began producing their own loudspeaker cabinets in 1979 in a small shop in south-western Germany. While the production space may have been small, their aspirations were not. Soon, the reputation of their products for craftsmanship and performance spread, prompting them to expand operations time and time again. Along the way, they served as Original Equipment Manufacturer to some of the most revered international names in pro audio. Over time, they developed and manufactured professional touring systems for larger and larger venues, including audiences of 50,000 and more.

HK Audio engineers specialising in acoustics, analogue and digital electronics, and mechanics work hand in hand, collaborating with experienced live sound engineers, musicians and a musicologist who adapts the sound of every HK Audio product to suit human auditory physiology — in a quest to create that perfect sound.

Today, the audio systems manufactured by HK Audio in their world-class facilities in St. Wendel, Germany, serve an extremely broad range of applications. Thanks to the efforts of the company’s highly skilled and dedicated team of more than 200 people, HK Audio has firmly established itself as one of the most distinguished names in professional sound reinforcement in Europe.

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HK Audio Repair Newcastle Service

HK Audio has built a name for itself in the audio and music industry with their high-quality products. Despite this, regular use, accidents, or mishandling may cause your HK Audio product to break or lose its original sound. If this is the case, Audio Intelligence is here to help. We offer a HK Audio Repair Newcastle Service that uses only the right parts to bring your HK Audio back to its former glory. We never settle for less and, like you, want the best sound possible from your audio device.

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