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Hisense was founded in China in 1969. From a small radio factory, Hisense has grown to become a globally recognised manufacturer of household appliances, mobile communication devices and flat screen TVs. Today, Hisense is 75,000 strong with products available in over 130 countries and regions worldwide.

Hisense has more than 20 subsidiaries with established presence in multimedia equipment, household appliances, telecommunications, and information technology. Hisense has been the recipient of several awards in technology, quality management, innovation and design. Hisense currently has partnerships with Whirlpool, AMD and IBM for the development of various home appliances and I.T. devices.

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Hisense in Australia

Hisense Australia was established in 2006 with a mission to gradually introduce the full range of products offered by Hisense to Australian consumers. Hisense Australia distributes its products through major national Australian resellers as well as regional affiliates scattered throughout the country.

Hisense Australia is already positioned to continue to grow its high-tech R&D facility to support a worldwide sales network and to promote and market the Hisense brand of high quality consumer electronic products throughout Australia. As a member of the Hisense Global Network of companies, Hisense Australia engages in international economic and technical cooperation with a wide range of global partners.

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Hisense products are made from high quality materials and are checked thoroughly before they’re shipped to your home. However, normal wear and tear, mishandling and accidents may break or damage your Hisense appliance. At this point, you will need an authorised Hisense Repair Newcastle service. Audio Intelligence offers a prompt Hisense Repair Newcastle service that suits your budget — from TVs and refrigerators to sound systems, and more!


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