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Do you own a Chord electronic amplifier or CD player that needs some repairs? You’ve come to the right place. Audio Intelligence is authorised to offer Chord Repair Newcastle services. Contact us today and let us know how we can help.

Chord Electronics: High-end Audio

Chord Electronics Ltd is a world-leading manufacturer of high-end audio products, based in Kent, England. Since 1989, Chord Electronics has been creating some of the finest HI-FI and HeadFI products seen in studios and stores today.

As Innovators of technology, Chord continues to deliver excellence through exemplary audio engineering, cutting-edge design and true aesthetic understanding.

Chord Product Ranges


Chord’s newest product range. The mobile offers a single modular DAC/headphone amp that helps you enjoy great music wherever your go.


Chord’s most powerful and flexible DAC/headphone amp range. Get the benefits of a full-size system in a convenient, and compact box.


Small but amazing. Chordette components are not bigger than your palms. But don’t take it for a weakness! These stuffs pack an incredible punch, offering superb value for your money, and a testament to Chord’s flawless engineering.

hugo with laptop headset and a glass of beer/ice
2qute chordette


The Choral range offers both power and aesthetics. This stylish and beautiful range offers an entire ecosystems of products that feature flexibility, performance and looks!


The signature Chord line is reliable, powerful, and transparent full size-range sporting the classic industrial look from which the company was founded upon.


The Reference range embodies all the best — performance, sound quality, and proprietary technologies — that Chord has to offer.


Chord Repair Newcastle Services

Chord Electronic products are robust. If you need some repairs for your Chord audio system, feel free to contact us anytime. Audio Intelligence offers prompt Chord Repair Newcastle services using only the right parts to bring your Chord unit to its peak condition. Contact us today to learn more about our Chord Repair Services in Newcastle.

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