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Casio has been making musical instruments for over 30 years. The company opened in 1946 with a vision to create high quality, and affordable electronic musical instruments for amateurs and professionals. Now, Casio is one of the world’s leading musical equipment manufacturers in the world. The company has sold over 70 million instruments since its conception.

Here in Australia, Casio is the number one selling brand of domestic portable keyboards and digital pianos and has been distributed by Shriro Pty Ltd since 1983. With a team of professionals based around Australia, the Casio EMI (Electronic Musical Instrument) Division supplies specialist music retailers with the latest in Casio Sound Technology.

What Makes Casio Great?


“In today’s world, musical instruments such as digital pianos need to sound great and look great. After all, instruments are generally destined to be used in our homes, our living rooms –places where we want to feel comfortable all the time.

As designers of these musical instruments, we are faced with the challenge of creating a perfect combination of the classic style of a piano with modern digital music technologies.” – Mr. Kuramochi, designer at Casio Design Centre in Tokyo

casio's product
casio's product


“How can we take a step closer to the acoustic version? Which sound nuances can be improved and changed further? Just as with acoustic musical instruments, the path to designing and developing the finished digital keyboard/instrument is one that comes with a great many questions.

The enthusiasm and passion for searching for and finding the little details, continuously questioning our developments at CASIO is what fascinates and motivates me each and every day. This is because sound itself is also constantly changing and developing; so we can’t sit back and rest, but have to repeatedly ask ourselves: Where and how can we still improve?”–Naoaki Ito, Sound Engineer for Casio Digital Piano


“We build digital musical instruments. Even after being active in this field for 30 years, we are still in the early stages of learning and study compared to classic acoustic instruments, which generally have had centuries of development.

I’m sure that, in another 30 years, there will be new instruments and features that musicians around the world will take for granted and consider to be essential for the development of new music. That’s why today’s researchers and developers, just like those of us here at CASIO, have to develop these features and bring them to musicians the world over.” –Jin Tomita, Product Planning and Research

casio's product

Casio Repair Service in Newcastle

Is your Casio music equipment broken? Does your keyboard, or guitar sound ok but not quite right? Audio Intelligence is your one-stop shop for Casio instrument repairs in Newcastle.

Repairing your older Casio Keyboard is still better then buying a new one. We have found that the older the Casio Keyboard is, the longer it will last and the more durable it is. The newer keyboards do not last as long as the older ones because they use cheaper lower grade parts versus the older ones manufactured years ago. This is also true with just about anything you buy today. So save yourself the hassle and call us today for Casio Repair Services in Newcastle.

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